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Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract 1000mg Tincture

Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract 1000mg Tincture

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Our broad-spectrum tincture is ideal for beginners who wish to start at a moderate pace as well as for those who prefer a product with no THC. By eliminating the .3% THC compound, we offer you a safe CBD product for your wellness and health.

Buy 3 bottles and enjoy this 3 months supply offer with an additional 10% discount!

Buy 6 bottles and enjoy this 6 months supply offer with an additional 25% discount!


Welcome to our natural way to help balance your body with a focus on the art of lasting prevention instead of quick-fix treatments. Drawn from the hemp plant’s innate qualities, Pakamana CBD enhances daily life without the effect of “getting high.” 

Pakamana tinctures for you are citrus flavored and free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and residual solvents. 


With our broad-spectrum tincture, the raw hemp oil undergoes a secondary extraction to omit traces of THC. The rest of the plant’s organic components remain to support overall wellness and health for a balanced, empowering lifestyle.

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