What's In Pakamana CBD?

We aren’t doctors or medical professionals at Pakamana. Thus, we can’t (and won’t) provide medical advice.

Still, we are passionate and knowledgeable about cannabidiol (CBD) and its array of beneficial and therapeutic qualities.

Included in our wealth of knowledge is why people tend to take CBD. While most research about the cannabis plant’s non-psychoactive component is anecdotal, it’s believed to help ease symptoms associated with the following health issues:

  • Cardiovascular problems. 
  • Neurological disorders.
  • Anxiety.
  • Chronic pain.
  • And more!

All products we ingest (or apply topically) would preferably have quality ingredients. That notion applies to almost any food, drink, or ointment. 

Multiply the above sentiments exponentially when they pertain to oils and topicals meant to offset symptoms and enhance our overall health and wellness. After all, we’re using these products to feel better–that’s only possible with safe and healthy ingredients.

Pakamana’s wide range of CBD products strictly contain the highest quality ingredients. 

Now, the above is a broad statement many companies make without shedding further light; Pakamana is diving deep into the topic below. We want you to know about our top-tier ingredients.

Pakamana CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are used for CBD and THC products. Most other brands that create these extracts incorporate plant material steeped in high-proof alcohol. A straining process follows before manufacturers bottle the solution. Pakamana raw extract is ONLY CO2 extracted. the cleanest method.

A tincture’s composition typically yields potent results. With THC, that means a heavy psychoactive effect. 

CBD tinctures–on the other hand–offer a powerful healing punch without the “high” feelings THC offers. You don’t have to worry about intoxication or paranoia when taking CBD.

While CBD tinctures offer high potency in and of themselves, Pakamana’s CBD tinctures come with varying potency options: 500mg, 1,000mg, and 1,500mg.

Furthermore, our CBD tinctures possess the following ingredients:

  • MCT coconut oil–a carrier oil with various health benefits, such as limiting excessive calorie intake, increasing energy, and bolstering fat-burning capabilities. It’s also believed to help with Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. Additionally, MCT oil offers easy absorption since its molecules are smaller than long-chain triglycerides (found in most fats). Thus, they digest more seamlessly and are quickly absorbed in the bloodstream.
  • The full-spectrum industrial hemp extract in our CBD tinctures is rich with multiple naturally occurring cannabis extracts (e.g., cannabinoids and terpenes). This list of extracts includes THC–but only trace amounts (0.3% at most). There's a synergy between these components that bolsters the positive impact they have on the body and mind.
  • We also add organic essential oils to our “people” tinctures. Primarily, we do so to enhance the experience and provide pleasant aromas to the dosing experience. However, essential oils might also offer the following health-related benefits:
    • Improved mood.
    • Stress reduction.
    • Enhanced sleep.
    • Decreased pain and anxiety.
    • Reduced nausea.
    • Inflammation and headache relief.

The preferred method for ingesting tinctures is placing your dose beneath your tongue. Wait 20 to 30 seconds and swallow to give the reactive components seamless access to your bloodstream. The healing effects often only take 10 to 15 minutes to take hold.

Pakamana CBD Topicals

Research indicates CBD topicals might help with skin hydration. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of such products could help offset symptoms of inflammatory skin disorders and dry skin.

Pakamana sells a range of CBD topicals, all with high-quality ingredients.

Looking for relaxation? Want to nourish your skin? Look no further than our Massage And Body Cream. 

The organic, wildcrafted botanicals found in this CBD massage cream feature full-spectrum hemp. The results? Healing and maintaining skin suppleness. We packed this topical with organic oils focused on skin nourishment, meant to foster your natural glow. 

Our Massage And Body Oil contains many of the same ingredients as the cream. But it focuses less on the skin and more on relieving body stiffness and tension. It’s ideal for after-workout recovery– and for making you feel nimble and unencumbered in your movements.

While still containing wildcrafted botanicals and full-spectrum hemp, our Muscle And Joint Relief Balm has several other unique, high-quality ingredients.

Specifically, our balm contains circulation-enhancing herbs (e.g., cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, and cayenne) to provide warmth. It also contains camphor and menthol (both cooling herbs) to relieve sore joints and muscles gently. Additionally, the kava kava in the balm numbs the treated area.

Our Muscle And Joint Relief Cream soothes and calms localized discomfort. It contains many of the same ingredients as our balm. However, it also has Arnica Montana and magnesium chloride to enhance the impact on targeted areas. This gentle anti-inflammatory soothes aches and pains.

Pakamana CBD Pet Products

Pakamana has a love for all the world’s beings. Sure, we’re humans and fully committed to bettering the world for our fellow humans, offering products that satisfy people. We also care about our four-legged, bushy-tailed friends and want them to experience the resounding benefits provided by CBD.

As much as people prioritize the ingredients they ingest or apply to their skin, we’re likely even more cautious and picky with our pets. They deserve the best quality of life possible.

Therefore, Pakamana ensures our CBD pet products incorporate only the highest-quality ingredients, keeping your fluffy friend’s well-being top of mind.

We also account for pet size. 

Our CBD products won't cause any unnerving psychoactive effects because of the overall quality and reliability of the hemp extracts we put in our products. Nonetheless, size does matter regarding how your pets respond to these products' healing and wellness-boosting components.

On the above note, our CBD Pet Tincture is available in 500mg, 1,000 mg, and 1,500 mg, accounting for your animal friend’s size. Our pet CBD does not contain essential oil extract,and these tinctures can also be used by pet moms and dads!

Our pet tinctures incorporate a broad-spectrum cannabinoid profile. This includes a secondary extraction process to eliminate all THC traces, keeping your pet safe from adverse reactions. It also harnesses hemp's organic, healing components, supporting your animal pal’s wellness and health. Our people and pet tinctures offer full and broad spectrum so you can choose your experience accordingly for you and your pets.

We’d also be remiss not to discuss our Paw And Nose Balm, a CBD topical for pets that protects and moisturizes (you guessed it!) their nose and paws. This balm is excellent for healing damaged paws and nose cracks.

Pakamana’s trademark wildcrafted ingredients mesh with chamomile, calendula blossoms, and other calming botanicals, reducing redness while offering a softening effect to the targeted area.

The fruit ingredients present in our Paw And Nose Balm are antioxidant-rich to foster optimal pet skin health. It’s recommended for hotspots and other forms of skin irritation. It can also be applied to hair loss areas.

The Importance Of Organic Ingredients 

Why does Pakamana prioritize our organic ingredients?

Primarily, agricultural processes widely use synthetic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and–in general–pesticides. These residues often remain present when we ingest them. Organic products (like Pakamana’s CBD-infused offerings) do not contain pesticides, neutralizing contamination and keeping them fresher, purer, and better for us!

The chemical pesticides discussed above (and several other genetically modified substances) also impact potency, as these components eliminate soil nutrients. 

Since organically grown hemp lacks those abundant chemicals, its potency skyrockets due to the influx of resulting vitamins and minerals. 

Furthermore, organic farming practices aim to offer the following environmental benefits:

  • Water conservation.
  • Pollution reduction.
  • Bolstering soil fertility.
  • Neutralizing soil erosion.
  • Use less energy.

Birds and other animals benefit from farming without synthetic pesticides, thus supporting robust biodiversity. Organic farming is also healthier for people living near farms. 

Also, a lack of synthetic ingredients and chemicals reduces harmful toxins. Unsurprisingly, toxins hamper your ability to detoxify, according to natural medicine experts. Thus, they leave you more vulnerable to various diseases. 

Pakamana ensures our customers–and their pets–don’t ingest these dangerous components. We’ve committed ourselves to selling the products that enhance your well-being.

Transparency And Quality Assurance 

Transparency into our processes and ingredient sourcing is of the utmost importance at Pakamana. You deserve to know what you’re putting into (or onto) your body without any hidden secrets or anyone trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

An issue with many CBD offerings is how they leverage the shaky regulatory grounds on which such products stand.

We deem it crucial to keep our customers in the loop. Your trust is vital when shopping with us. 

Thus, we’ve ensured our products receive quality assurance certificates

We make this accreditation visible on our labeling–something you should look for in all CBD products to ensure purity and potency.

Only an accredited third-party lab can give a Certificate of Quality Assurance (COA). The document shows an accurate count of a product’s cannabinoid quantity. This ensures you’re getting what’s promised instead of having the wool pulled over your eyes by bad actors.

CBD Products With Top-Tier Ingredients

Pakamana is passionate about CBD. We’re inspired by the positive impact it can have on people’s lives. 

In other words, our business isn’t “just” a business. It’s a commitment to a lifestyle and helping people. We can’t achieve that mission by selling CBD products that don’t hold up to scrutiny. Instead, our values align with taking every measure possible to ensure our products are packed with high-quality ingredients.

You're only getting the good stuff with Pakamana, from broad and full spectrum CBD (both harnessing the components in different ways) to wildcrafted botanicals, chamomile, and more.

Take a moment to explore our diverse catalog of CBD products and read our educational content if you wish to learn more about what we do (and sell).

Lastly, please get in touch with us with any questions about our CBD-infused products!

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