How To Use CBD Massage Oil Effectively

How To Use CBD Massage Oil Effectively

Mounting research suggests that CBD carries many benefits revolving around healing, wellness, and relaxation. Due to these advantageous qualities, CBD has multiple applications and use cases, including being incorporated into massage as an oil.

The benefits of massages, in general, include reducing pain, stress, and muscle tightness. It also boosts relaxation and may even improve immune system functionality. 

It’s the ultimate combination–replenishing CBD topical oil with healing hands.

Below, we’ll delve into how to use CBD massage oil effectively. We’ll also answer “How does CBD massage oil work?” while exploring other topics.  

Selecting The Best Product

Here are some tips on how to select the best available CBD massage oils on the market:

Read The Label To Ensure The CBD Oil Is Verified

You’re likeliest to reap the benefits from CBD massage oil with products verified by a third party. 

Specifically, search for CBD massage oil from companies that have obtained a certificate of analysis (COA). This verification offers information on the product’s testing process, the results (e.g., Were impurities discovered? How much CBD is in the product?), and the location of the tests.

Unverified Claims Are A Red Flag

Be wary of unverified claims on massage oils. More to the point, don’t purchase any related products from manufacturers that make these ludicrous proclamations. If manufacturers say things about their product that sound too good to be true, it almost always is too good to be true.

FDA regulations are in place to stop companies from making unproven statements about curing diseases or health conditions. While CBD has a lot of anecdotal evidence in its favor, it’s inaccurate to say it treats, prevents, or cures arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc.

Be Mindful Of Any Allergies

CBD–on its own–isn’t much of an allergy risk. Primarily, issues arise because ingredients get mixed with CBD products, and these cause allergic reactions, health issues, and general irritation. 

One example is CBD products with perfumes and dyes causing issues for people with sensitive skin. 

Often, CBD is dissolved in a carrier oil. Thus, if you have plant allergies, ensure the carrier oil doesn’t contain the plant you're allergic to.

CBD with almond oil carriers is a particularly sticky point for many since related allergies are relatively common. Those with this nut allergy must be vigilant when selecting CBD massage oil. 

Lastly, parabens–and similar ingredients–are potentially harmful. Avoid oils containing these chemicals.

Seek Out CBD With Higher Concentration Levels

CBD concentration (or strength) is measured in milligrams (mg).

A 600 mg product will provide far more substantial effects than a 150 mg product. If you’re seeking more significant relief or want to use less oil per massage, choose higher concentration CBD. 

There is a caveat, though. You’re typically going to pay more for more potent CBD massage oils.

Purchase Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Cannabinoids (e.g., THC) are found in many topical CBD treatments. Combining THC and CBD can be more helpful than CBD alone since both have anti-inflammatory properties. THC makes you feel high, but there’s a small amount in hemp, so you won’t feel high from using THC products on your skin. 

You'll only feel a fraction of a psychoactive effect if you use an exceptionally high concentration over your entire body. Even then, this scenario is even less likely than winning the lottery.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids in marijuana and hemp. Furthermore, full-spectrum CBD often possesses biological molecules and terpenes that increase relaxation, soothe irritated skin, and reduce acute and chronic pain.

Should You Make Your Own CBD Oil?

You can make your own massage oil by mixing your CBD oil into a carrier oil. First, you’ll need a mixed powdered CBD isolate or extract or tincture, and you can combine it with coconut oil, olive oil, etc. 

Combining CBD oil with your preferred body lotion is also possible.

One way to make CBD massage oil is by mixing 0.5g of a 99% CBD isolate with 470 mL (or two cups) of your preferred carrier oil. This combination will make 500 mg worth of CBD massage oil. Add your favorite essential oil to the mix (e.g., chamomile and lavender) if you wish.

You’ll still want to be sure the CBD oil you’re using is full-spectrum so you can reap all the benefits. 

How To Apply CBD Oil Massage

These tips are for self-massage or if a friend or loved one performs the CBD oil massage for you.

CBD ointment or balm should be rubbed directly on tense or sore areas–that’s how they work best. For instance, your shoulders may be aching after an intense weight-lifting session, so the massage oil should be applied and rubbed into the shoulders. 

You or your loved one can use a massage tool or the heels of your hands to make broad, gliding strokes along the targeted joint or muscle length. This warms up the muscles, improving circulation to the sore area and making the focused massage more affecting.

 The oil also adds a helpful slip that gives you better access to strained or injured muscles and joints. Moreover, rubbing it in ensures it’s absorbed by your skin, enabling the healing properties to take full effect. 

After your body is warmed up, it’s time for the massage to get more specific, giving attention to areas of discomfort and soreness. You or your loved one can press pressure points with your fingers. Or, you can apply firmer strokes along the sore muscle’s length. 

Specific movements and particular points on your body shouldn’t be too much of a concern. If it feels good, do it. Provided something causes more pain and discomfort, stop doing it immediately.

Improving The Massage Experience

It can help to use muscle rollers and other massage tools (e.g., rolling pin) to get more depth in your massage. Knots and tension can be embedded in your musculature, requiring more intense pressure to extract all the healing effects from the massage and CBD massage oil.

Electronic tools can also take your CBD massage experience up a few notches. Just be sure using these components with lotions, creams, or oils won't cause mechanical or safety issues.

Getting The Most Out Of Your CBD Massage Oil

Your personal needs and level of soreness will dictate how often you use your CBD massage oil. Additionally, the type of product you’re using will determine how much you use your topical CBD. 

Look at the product label for guidelines on how frequently you should use the oil for optimal results. 

For instance, a label may suggest applying your massage oil every six hours. However, your best bet is to ask your physical therapist, doctor, or massage therapist how often you should use CBD massage oil.

What If You Experience Side Effects?

As discussed earlier, CBD alone doesn’t cause side effects typically. Yet, the other ingredients in your massage oil could lead to allergic reactions or different adverse responses.

Cease using CBD massage oil if you’re experiencing itching, rashes, redness, or pain. A severe rash may require a visit to the doctor’s office if the symptoms don’t clear up. 

Go to the emergency room for responses such as rapid heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, facial swelling, etc. The chances of these happening are borderline negligible. Nonetheless, we want to ensure you’re as informed about these products as possible. 

Speaking with your doctor before purchasing CBD oil is wise. Yes–CBD is safe for almost any adult to use–but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Inform your doctor of other medications or topical ointments you might be taking alongside your CBD since they could interact. 

Be upfront about nursing, pregnancy, or other health concerns. Also, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis should be brought up to your doctors, and they’ll discuss how CBD oil can impact those conditions.

When Are The Best Times To Use CBD Massage Oil?

The cut-to-the-chase answer is to use CBD massage oil whenever you need a massage. There’s rarely a wrong time for this type of care. After all, massages are for personal maintenance and can be a proactive health measure.

All the same, you might enjoy your CBD oil most after vigorous exercise. Furthermore, a massage feels amazing after work when you’ve been sitting at your desk with your shoulders hunched all day.

Moreover, a CBD oil massage is ideal for dealing with general anxiety and stress. When our emotional well-being hangs in a precarious balance, so does our physical health. A hard day at work (or at home) can be conducive to stiff shoulders, sore necks, tight backs, and headaches–all of these can be soothed with a CBD oil massage. 

What’s The Recommended Dosage Of CBD Massage Oil?

Since CBD massage oil is topical, dosages don't impact users the same as oral ingestion. We won’t say the sky's the limit–because you don’t want to waste your oil. However, you’ll be safe using enough to acquire the appropriate or preferred lubrication.

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