How to Administer CBD Oil for Dogs

How to Administer CBD Oil for Dogs

A lot has changed in the US since states started embracing cannabis for recreational adult usage.

Seemingly, many of us have broadened our perspectives since we’ve all opened our minds to the wonders of the cannabis plant.

In fact, you don’t necessarily need to use cannabis in its psychoactive form to reap its benefits. Thus, non-marijuana users can leverage related hemp products to enhance their quality of life. Namely, you can use cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive component found in cannabis. In other words, CBD won’t get you high and is without some of THC’s more harmful elements.

Usually, CBD is available in oil form but also as a vaporized liquid called extract. You can also find foods and drinks infused with CBD as well as beauty products. 

Preliminary research suggests CBD can help treat many conditions (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, anxiety, and MS). More research must be done, but the current verdict on CBD is a positive one. 

For the above reasons and many more, CBD products for humans are growing exponentially in popularity. 

Simultaneously, other CBD strains have been designed for your dogs, offering your furry pals many quality-of-life benefits. We’ll discuss this topic further below:

How Can CBD Help Your Dog?

Before moving forward, here’s a disclaimer: The following is not medical advice for your dog. We’ve curated this information from reliable sources. However, we strongly suggest discussing giving your dog CBD with your vet before making any decisions.

With that said, here are the ways that CBD can potentially help your dog:


  • Anxiety is a condition afflicting many pets, potentially leading to worrying behaviors (e.g., inappropriate urination).
  • It’s believed in many circles that CBD can ease your dog’s nervousness and calm their anxiety.
  • Experts hypothesize that CBD can trigger a serotonin release to help your dog feel relaxed and happy.  


  • When your dog absorbs CBD, it might help reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
  • Experts still need to learn more about how this process works. CBD is assumed to impact the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and other nerves that cause pain sensations.
  • More to the point, studies indicate that decreased joint inflammation can offset aches, pains, and osteoarthritis symptoms in your dog. 


What Is The Best CBD Oil For Dogs?

While this article will eventually delve into how to give CBD oil to dogs, you first need to know what CBD to give your furry friend. Here’s a breakdown of what to look for:

Seek Broad Spectrum Products

Full or broad-spectrum CBD oil is–by far–the best kind of CBD you should give your dog. We'll use full and broad spectrum interchangeably from this point forward, although there are subtle differences between both.

The raw hemp oil present in CBD undergoes a secondary extraction with broad-spectrum oils, removing all THC traces in the process. Thus, broad and full-spectrum CBD is without a single psychoactive component, meaning your dog won’t experience any ill effects. 

Organic Ingredients Are A Must

The broad-spectrum process ensures only quality, organic ingredients are present in the affected CBD, supporting your pup’s overall well-being. 

All broad-spectrum CBD products don’t possess heavy solvents, residual solvents, pesticides, and microbes. Conversely, non-organic CBD carries many of these listed harmful components, causing numerous adverse side effects. 

Don’t Bargain Hunt For CBD Products

We understand how living costs are rising, and you must cut expenses wherever possible. Don’t let this budgetary approach cause you to purchase inferior CBD products for your dog.

Note how many broad-spectrum CBD products are available for reasonable prices. Contrarily, you’ll run into trouble with bargain-basement products with low-quality, harmful ingredients. 

Prioritize Manufacturer Certification

The amount of CBD in a given product should be certified by the manufacturer. This way, you’ll be able to give your pup the appropriately sized doses (a topic we’ll delve into during the following sections). 

What Is The Appropriate CBD Dosage For Your Dog?

There’s no one-size-fits-all CBD dosage for your dog.

However, you can weigh specific factors to help you discern the appropriate CBD dosage amount. 

For instance, larger dogs seem to respond best to a 1500 mg tincture. Medium-sized pooches tend to benefit from 1000 mg tinctures. Alternatively, smaller doggos typically only require a 500 mg tincture.

We suggest starting with microdoses, no matter your dog’s size. This way, you can safely administer doses until you determine the amount that delivers optimal results. Establishing a more tailored regime to your doggo’s needs will be possible from there. 

Therefore, we suggest only purchasing your pooch’s full-spectrum CBD in tincture form. While dog treats can be infused with CBD, they don’t allow you to customize the dosage. 

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs

Here are the most reliable methods on how to administer CBD oil for dogs:

Administer The Dosage Straight From The Dropper

CBD oil tinctures are sold in medicinal bottles with droppers. Provided your pup will allow you to handle their mouth, you might be able to administer the CBD orally. 

We must stress the importance of being gentle during this process. Also, give your doggo a treat to reward them for good behavior!

Consider whether your dog will be open to grassy-tasting CBD oil. Broad-spectrum CBD often possesses beneficial plant matter like terpenes, enhancing their health-boosting traits. However, your pet might not love the raw taste if they’re a bit pickier with flavors. 

Drop Your CBD Oil Into Your Dog’s Food Bowl

Your pooch might be resistant to taking CBD oil straight from the dropper. Often, it can remind your doggo of a poor-tasting medicine they’ve been force-fed.

On the other hand, dinnertime is your doggo’s favorite time of the day. So, drop the ideal CBD dosage into your pup’s food bowl during dinner (and/or breakfast). They'll have ingested their ideal dosage as long as they finish the whole bowl. 

You can use this method with softer food by mixing it or into harder kibble. 

Pet owners with multiple dogs should watch over meal times to ensure no food sharing and that the dosage reaches its intended target. 

When Are The Best Times To Administer CBD Treatments To Your Dog?

The frequency of CBD dosages for your pup will depend on their circumstances.

For instance, dog owners treating their fluff monster’s situational anxiety can administer a dosage before a trip to the groomer. Or, you can give them a dose before introducing them to another dog.

Pooches suffering from more chronic ailments like arthritis and seizures should receive a dose every 8 to 12 hours, depending on pain levels. Most crucial is dosage consistency, regardless of when you administer doses. 

Looking For Top-Tier CBD Products For Your Dog? Shop With A Reliable Source

The best Hemp-Extract products for pets are hand-harvested and meticulously crafted. These products–including broad and full spectrum CBD tinctures for your dogs–possess zero pesticides. Such products should also be free of chemical nutrients.

CBD providers should operate based on the principle that hemp wasn’t meant to alter your mind state—it’s always been intended to be medicinal. Expertly performed oil-extraction processes restore hemp’s primary purpose–to nourish and relieve users' minds and bodies with its innate healing properties. 

Shopping only with trustworthy companies for your dog’s CBD needs means your furry friend will benefit from a pure, balanced, clear, and connected product. 

Your doggo deserves only the best regarding their long-term health and quality of life. So, contact Pakamana to learn more about reliable CBD options for your dog.

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